How to Buy an HVAC System for Any Kind of Home

How to Buy an HVAC System for Any Kind of Home

Your HVAC choices significantly impact the amount of energy your home uses. Overcooling and conventional ductwork often account for the largest waste of energy in a home.

Traditional ducts are also prone to leaking, and since they’re typically located in unconditioned areas, like attics or basements, leaked, conditioned air is wasted in places of no benefit to the homeowner.

Leaky metal ducts of traditional forced air systems reduce energy efficiency by as much as 40%. Compare that with the [flexible] insulated nylon supply tubing of small-duct systems, which is capable of achieving close to zero-percent leakage.

Sometimes you only need just so much—so why waste more? SDHV Inverter technology means that your system is programmed to use only the energy needed in the moment. On a mild day, when a home needs only 10% of a unit’s capacity for comfort, systems like Unico run at 10%, where other units overwork at full capacity.

And when it comes to dehumidification, small-duct systems are able to provide up to 30% greater humidity removal than traditional systems. This means that homeowners can set their thermostats higher on hot, humid days without sacrificing comfort.

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